UI / UX Design, Web Development, Branding - 2017 - Personal

WebCargo is a SaaS service hub housing multiple time saving APIs for offloading high volume mundane developer tasks. Customers are charged monthly via a tiered pay as you use model.

Client value proposition

Most competitors in our niche require a prior purchase of credits or a subscription to an expensive monthly plan. Clients love our service because they are only billed for what they use via our pay as you use system. Customers receive volume discounts for high usage through our tiered pricing plans. In addition clients have the pleasure of using a professional dashboard and JSON REST API. The documentation WebCargo provides also surpasses the competition by far in terms of verboseness and usefulness. This aids in integration and adoption, ultimately leading to boosted conversion rates.

Brand name

With the scope of the project defined the first hurdle to overcome was deciding on a brand name. Finding one that fit the project whilst also having an available domain name proved to be very challenging. Numerous names were deliberated upon, after some validation with peers we decided to go with WebCargo. The name was short, catchy, suited the mission of the project and had an available .io TLD domain Рwhich is popular among technology startups.

Logo design

After going through an iteration and feedback loop the final logo reflects the data that WebCargo moves around the web whilst also conveying its strength.